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Writing A Newspaper Article Worksheet

This is a reading. listening and writing worksheet, which includes communicative activities and so can involve speaking too. It's based o... 2,490 Downloads News Report:Man steals ATM with Forklift By Apodo Adapted news report with comprehension questions. Match words and meanings, fill the gap. Suitable for elementary to low intermediate stu...

  • 1. An article should always be written using formal language. True False 2. You should use paragraphs when writing an article. True False 3. Don’t express your opinion in an article. True False 4. Your article should have a catchy title. True False 5. You should ask the reader questions in your article. True False

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  • Powerpoint outlining the writing skills needed to successfully produce a relavent and accurate newspaper article.

Writing A Newspaper Article Worksheet - Essay Help 24x7

Writing A Newspaper Article Worksheet - Essay Help 24x7

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